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Who is Spiral Boho?

Why Spiral Boho ....


It is your bohemian hippy chic style, your way of being, it is a fashion with unique and timeless designs; makes you wise and creative, and at the same time, it is the infinite that has evolved from the ancestral tribes to the most current trends, inspiring throughout this journey a unique style that encompasses Sipral Boho, that is why it is constantly growing and makes you feel powerful .


Spiral Boho began in Tarifa more than 18 years ago, there it began to create and manufacture its own leather crafts. Strong easterly winds brought her back to the island. From then until now, 10 years ago going around the island's fairs and markets, setting up her artisan boho hippy stall.


Part of its table is of its own leather production and the other part is 925 Sterling Silver jewelry with natural stones and gems. Many of the designs are their own and the rest are designed and made by jewelers in India.


Hello Spiral Boho lovers ....

I want to give a special greeting to all my clientele who love my work and who visit my stall every year in the artisan markets of Mallorca. As well as welcoming new visitors with a warm welcome.


Hope to see you soon ... Peace and Love

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