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Stones and their Healing Properties

-QUARTZ- Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, represents the heart chakra. Replaces negative energies with good ones, is healing, releases pain and relieves pain, invokes self-esteem and self-confidence. Quartz stones are highly appreciated for their high regenerative powers and green for their healing powers.


-MOONSTONE- Stone of mother earth. It has very positive effects for women, when it comes to childbirth and fertility. Balance your emotions. It is your charm for new beginnings and for your travels. It is the talisman to attract positive vibes.


-LABRADORITE- It is a highly mystical and protective stone, it acts as a barrier against bad negative energies. Stimulate your intuition. Strengthens confidence in yourself and in the universe. Calm the mind.


-TURQUOISE- It will help you overcome your own battles. It will give you the energy to feel that you can do everything you propose and also stability and well-being. To attract love and maintain your relationships and to start new stages of your life. -


TIGER'S EYE - It will give you strength, balance and creativity. It represents the union of the sun and the Earth. It is protective, it will help you raise self-esteem and mood. and prosperity.


-ONIX- It will give you strength and perseverance, it helps to learn the lessons by imparting self-confidence and it will help you to be in harmony with your environment. It is a protective stone, repels and deflects negative energy.


-CIRCONITA- It will help you to have things clearer, it will help you to be more calm and control your emotions, it will help you to see that everything is temporary and allowing you to have a clearer vision of solutions and make decisions.


-MALAQUITA- It has enormous power to amplify positive energies. It is a protective stone and absorbs negative energies from the body in a very easy way, cleanses and activates the chakras. Healing and energetic properties of stones


-Pink AGATA- It is the stone of love of spiritual evolution. It will calm the energies, calm the spirits and give you serenity.


-AMETHYST- This stone is of positive energy, it will bring you abundance and physical and spiritual well-being.


-LOTUS FLOWER- The Lotus flower usually grows in the murkiest waters and is capable of flourishing from the darkest depths. The center of the lotus is related to the center of the universe, the navel of the earth, supported by the stem and the eternal waters. The lotus flower is fragile but resistant, it is the embodiment of beauty and strength


MANDALAS -The star-shaped mandala represents imagination and spirituality, the ideals of freedom and salvation. Mandalas in a circle. They express self-assurance, eternity, change and movement, the perfect and absolute

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